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The Great Pyramid: Squaring the circle and showing us that it really is square root of 3 and so much more

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This time I hope to present a show that Barnum would have been proud of. First I am going to square the circle using The Great Pyramid. Second I will show how The Great Pyramid is indeed representing the square root of 3. We will then show how The Megalithic Yard (simply 1/4 of the circumference of a Pi circle) is derived and how important it is. And last (for now ) I will show (and prove) why and how G2 or the middle pyramid is equal to Phi or 1.618033989. The fact that they also represent Mercury and Venus will be for the next post.


There have been many attempts to show how the fact that  2 times Pi and all that equal The Great Pyramid's base but it is a bit more elegant than that. First here is a diagram I found on a site that dealt with The Megalithic Yard.

And then I drew the red and the blue line you see in the next diagram.

In the Perfect Pi triangle (pyramid) that which we have labelled √3 would be 4 and the blue line would have a value of Pi or 3.14159265 so the resulting ratio would equal 0.785398163397 if we use the inverse which would give us the larger angle or 1/tan then the angle for Perfect Pi is equal to 51.85397401278. From this we can also calculate the distance for the blue line. It is simply 0.785398163397 times the square root of 3 or  0.785398163397 x 1.732050807569 =  1.360349523176 or PRECISELY 1/4 OF THE BASE OR 1/2 OF THE MEGALITHIC YARD OF  2.720699046352

The next step  was obvious to me and that was to draw a square using the blue line as 1/2 of one of the sides or 1/8th of the perimeter of a square and I got the next diagram.

Now let's make the circle a little clearer.

Now I suggest we label the sizes but I think most can already see where this one is going.


Also please note that our new radius is precisely or exactly 1/2 of The Megalithic Yard or GB in our diagram of 2.72069903.

 This is a neat little example of a perfect Pi triangle and now I am going to show you that The Great Pyramid is that perfect Pi triangle (pyramid).


A while ago I made the discovery that I thought that G1 represented the square root of 3 and that G2 represented Phi. This was based on the fact that if one divides the square root of 3 (1.7320508075688773) by Phi (1.618033988749895) one gets a ratio of 1.0704662693192698. And the ratios of the two Giza Pyramids G1 and G2 using the then known supposed bases of them was equal to 440 / 411.04 = 1.07045543012845465 accuracy of 0.99999 to be exact we would need 440 /  1.0704662693192698 or 411.035838. close enough for me to declare it an exact match and there it sat for a couple of years until now. Recently we have been having discussions over at a site I post at about what the height of The Great Pyramid could have really been and most claim 280 cubits while others say 481 feet while still others claim 5773.50 inches. Now this last one is an eye opener and is  the true height because of the logic of it. Allow me to ask you a question. if you were designing The Great Pyramid and wanted to encode the square root of 3 how would you do it so it was obvious to all but the truly blind ? Well one way would be to make it an obvious ratio to another large object, maybe say another full scale pyramid and use that other one as an obvious marker as well so that no other known ratio would or could fit (√3 to Phi) or you could do what the builders at Giza did and you could incorporate the square root of 3 in the actual construction by using it's reciprocal to represent the height. But how would you do that and still make it stand out. Well again you could do what the builders id and you could take the reciprocal of the square root of 3 which is 0.577320 and then to make it large enough to last for all eternity you could multiply it by 10,000 and then using the lowliest of all measurements but really the most important one and the one that man himself is built on, you could take the inch or "the digit" and use 5773.50 of them. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DID !!!

... says the heckler in the third row. Well okay says I.

Let us go back to our perfect Pi triangle. If The Great Pyramid was that triangle then it must follow our perfect Pi formula and that is that the height is "4 units" while 1/2 the base is "Pi units". Therefore if we divide 5773.50 by 4 and then multiply by Pi or 3.14159265 then we should get the value as measured at The Great Pyramid. but first let's list the measured values of the four sides of The Great Pyramid as measured by Flinders Petrie in 1881. they are:

  Length. Difference
from Mean.
Azimuth. Difference
from Mean.
+ .6
– 1.1
+ .7
– .2 
– 3' 20"
– 3' 57"
– 3' 41"
– 3' 54"
+ 23"
– 14"
+ 2"
– 11"
Mean 9068.8   .65 – 3' 43"   12"

So now let us do the simple math. Height is 5773.50 inches so divided by 4 and we get  1443.375673 and now multiply by Pi and we get 4534.49841 but that is only one half of the total base. Now if we multiply by two to get the entire base we get 2 x  4534.49841 = 9068.9968. so this shows that according to my calculations Petrie may have been off by 0.2 of an inch. Pretty convincing I'd say. But now what of my claim that G1 is the square root of 3 and G2 is equal to Phi. Does this help or hinder my hypothesis ? Well let's do some more math. If my hypothesis is true then if we divide 9068.9968 or base of The Great Pyramid in inches by the square root of 3 and then multiply by Phi then we should get the base of G2 in inches. Okay here goes. 9068.9968211710892529703912882108 / 1.7320508075688772935274463415059 = 5235.9877559829887307710723054658 but before we go any further let take a look at the inverse of this number. We get 1.9098593171027440292266051604702e-4. We will come back to this. But now if we multiply 5235.9877559829887307710723054658 by Phi or 1.6180339887498948482045868343656 we get ...  8472.006 inches !

The actual measured north side of G2 as measured by Petrie is ... wait for it ...

  Length Diff from mean Azimuth Diff from mean
N. side
E. side
S. side
W. side
– 3.0 inches
+ 0.3 inches
+ 2.0 inches
+ 0.6 inches
– 5' 31"
– 6' 13"
– 5' 40"
– 4' 21"
– 5"
– 47"
– 14"
+ 65"
Mean 8474.9 1.5 – 5' 26" 33"

Yes that is correct it is 8471.9 and checks to within an almost impossible degree of accuracy. Co-incidence ? Not a chance !

So in conclusion we can say two things now with certainty.

1) The Great Pyramid is a perfect Pi triangle or in this case pyramid


2) G1 and G2 are in an exact ratio of  √3 to Phi

It is a masterful display of engineering and goes beyond what even I had hoped to find here. However, and this is a huge question, how did they know about ... the inch ?

And the good part is we have only scratched the surface of what is there to find. We have yet to relate it all to the solar system and reality and that will be our next post.

Cheers until next time.

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