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The Elements of Giza

Hi all ... Here is one of my favorite discoveries dealing with elements and the periodic table and specifically the three most abundant elements we need to survive. Nitrogen making up 78% of our air and oxygen making up 21% and hydrogen, the most basic of elements. Here is an article taken from one of my websites: In this chapter (post) we are going to go for a little chemistry. We know now that there is a book full of astronomy on the Giza Plateau and now we are going to show you some chemistry. It is simple and beautifully incorporated within the various measurements and structures and ... well just read what follows. This ties into and was a direct result of my work in the physics of Giza where I showed the speed of sound from various points were timed into the square roots but I will leave that for another day. However this page is a direct result of Clive Ross suggesting I try other temperatures and I am not sure if he suggested other elements as well but I think that was my idea. I am not sure why I picked these elements but I think I asked Jonny (moderator at Graham Hancock's Message board) to do a graph for me and he did these elements. I honestly can't remember the how of it but the results stand and are as startling now as when I first viewed them. So I entitle this chapter: The Elements of Giza. When I first started to check the results of the speed of sound in other elements I assumed that I should be checking around +20 or maybe +25 degrees Celsius ( a note here to remind everyone that the speed of sound changes with temperature). Then when this yielded nothing of major importance I thought maybe at 0 degrees but that did no good either so then I started going down the page Jonny had sent me and was startled to see a distance of 440.095 [note here" base of The Great Pyramid is 440 cubits] for one of the speeds of Nitrogen and on quickly noting what the temperature was saw that is was minus 40 (- 40) degrees Celsius. Now in another column Jonny had included Oxygen and believe it or not I noted that right beside this 440.095 I saw, at the same temperature and on the same line a distance for the speed of sound as 411.774. [note here the base of G2 is 411.14] Now anyone who has even remotely studied Giza will notice that these two distances are almost exactly the measurements of G1 and G2 on The Giza Plateau but in cubits. I was amazed and there I left it last year. I picked it up again this year and noted on The Periodic Table that the Atomic number of Nitrogen was 7 and of Oxygen was 8 and I had vague recollections of Isis and Osiris and the number 15 playing a part but we will go there a little later. I do however always think about circles when I am studying Giza and noted that 360 degrees (in a circle) when divided by 15 yields 24 degrees. And playing around I noted that 7(Nitrogen x 24 = 168 and 8(Oxygen)times 24 yields 192 and I immediately recognized what I was seeing and I will post the image below. But first there is more I discovered this time around. While looking at The Periodic Table chart it was told to me and I was reminded once again that our own air is made up of none other than nitrogen and oxygen and I suddenly realized that what was being shown here was Air ! So G1 or The Great Pyramid by virtue of it's length of 440 cubits and corresponding with 440.095 meters per second for sound at -40 degrees Celsius IN NITROGEN or 78% of our air) + G2 or the middle pyramid at Giza by virtue of it's base length of 411.14 and corresponding to 441.774 meters per second for Oxygen at -40 degrees Celsius IN OXYGEN = AIR. It was absolutely ingenious. But there was still to be more. I also noted on the table of elements that the atomic weight of Nitrogen was 14.00674 and couldn't help but note that this value MULTIPLIED BY 20 gives us the height of The Great Pyramid in cubits (14.00674 x 20 = 280.13) but still there was more. I had also stumbled onto a fact that 280 (height of G1) divided by 274 (height of G2) worked out to be almost precisely 2 root 32 or the 32nd root of 2 (280 / 274 = 1.0218978102189781021897810218978 while 32 root of 2 is 1.0218971486541166782344801347833 checking to 99.99994% ) and then I immediately recognized after learning that the atomic weight of Oxygen was 15.9994 we could say that 2 times the atomic weight of Oxygen (2 x 15.9994 =) 31.9988 root 2 gives us PRECISELY the difference of the height between G1 and G2. It was beautiful and then the final piece fell into place when I noted that Hydrogen had an atomic weight of 1.00794 and that 2 times 1.00794 equals 2.01588 and could easily be 1/100th of 201.50 the base of G3. At minus 40 degrees Celsius the speed of sound in Nitrogen is ... Nitrogen = 439.95 meters and could easily be 440 meters exactly and depending on a variety of things could exactly equal the base of G1 in a 1 cubit to 1 meter ratio while At minus 40 degrees Celsius the speed of sound in Oxygen is Oxygen = 411.7774 and again could easily be 411.04 or 411.28 and exactly match the length of the base of G2. Note: Nitrogen is a chemical element constituting 78.08% by volume of Earth's atmosphere Oxygen is the most abundant chemical element, by mass, in our biosphere, air, sea and land. Oxygen is the third most abundant chemical element in the universe, after hydrogen and helium NOTE: Nitrogen is number 7 on the periodic table of elements AND Oxygen is number 8 A calling card left for us ? Why minus 40 degrees Celsius ... well because at that temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same, both minus 40. The atomic weight of Nitrogen, and I am not making this up, is 14.0067 interestingly precisely 1/20th of the height of The Great Pyramid if we allow 1 cubit = 1 atomic weight Oxygen is 15.9994 and for the time being does not fit anywhere Atomic weight of Oxygen / Atomic weight of Nitrogen = Pi - 2 to a degree of accuracy of 0.000675 or accurate to 99.98 percent. And just to tie in the last of the three pyramids we have this. Firstly we have The Great Pyramid or G1 equaling Nitrogen Secondly we have G2 equaling Oxygen NOTE: G1 + G2 = AIR G3 we have as atomic weight of hydrogen x 2 = 1.0079 x 2 = 2.0158 grams per mole or 201.50 cubits ? So G3 equals Hydrogen (X 2) and lo and behold G2 + G3 = WATER !!! (H2O)
And I have done some work on this before thinking that this deflection angle as shown must be the deflection angle between water and air and since it now appears almost certain that what was meant at least from the chemistry pages of The Book of Knowledge we have :
The Great Pyramid = Nitrogen
G2 = Oxygen
G1 + G2 = Air (Nitrogen 78% - Oxygen 21%)
G3 = Hydrogen
G2 + G3 = Water (H2O)

And water is of course 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. And so in G3 we have as atomic weight of hydrogen = 1.0079 x 2 = 2.0158 grams per molecule or 201.50 cubits ? So G3 equals Hydrogen 

So in conclusion we have:

The Great Pyramid or G1 is Nitrogen
Pyramid of Khafre or G2 is Oxygen and 
Pyramid of Menkaure or G3 is Hydrogen

Very clever these Ancients.



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