Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Possible Masonic Secret ... and it may not be as easy as 3, 4, 5

Hi all ...

Many students of Masonry have come to the conclusion that the secret of the Masons was the 3, 4 and 5 sided right angled triangle. Although many good arguments have been offered up I was never convinced that this is what it was. I always felt it had to relate to my ongoing research into the solar system and the ratios found there.  As some may know who have read my previous posts I have made some interesting discoveries lately on our solar system and eventually ended up with this diagram.

I then turned it 90 degrees to get this.

Please note again that the angles are EXACTLY 1/2 of each other or 2 times the other and then I made a chance discovery on Google of a Knight's Templar apron from The Civil War era and it was this ...

Now I am sure even you can see the obvious similarity

Here is the overlay: an apparent exact match.

I next decided to extend the line where the smaller triangle hits and join it to the place where it meets Earth orbit as below and then I simply squared it.

I then decided to draw a line from where the top red line hits the red square and Earth's orbit and got this diagram:


Now as far as I can scale it it turns out that the red square exactly matches the circumference of Earth ... in other words the solar system is squaring the circle for us. And to top it all off the angle we get by drawing the green diagonal gives us The Phi angle or 51.827 degrees.

It is magic ... And it is all at Giza !!!!!!!! Just look a little deeper.

Seems there was more than one secret being hidden...

NOTE: I turned the angle with Swish and it could be anywhere from 51.827 to 51.86 ... so it could be either The Pi or The Phi angle.

either way we are definitely on The Square now :o)


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