Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hi all I am starting yet another blog in the hopes that I can finally get this correct. I have done a lot of work trying to decipher The Giza Plateau and the pyramids on that plateau and have made thousands of posts on various forums across the internet. This is going to be a try at putting them in chronological order and trying to make them as simple as possible to follow. I am going to assume that if you are reading this you know a bit about the pyramids but I will list the total sizes for you here to get us started. G1 or The Great Pyramid is 440 cubits or average of 9068.6 inches in base length and it is about 280 cubits or about 5773.50 inches high. G2 or the middle pyramid is 8471.9 inches wide and about 274.02 cubits high while the smallest G3 is about 201.46 cubits at base of about 4154 inches and height remains uncertain. More precise measurements will follow. The story begins a while ago when I noted on the internet the following diagram:

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