Monday, October 7, 2013

Teaching a 9 year old to build The Solar System and The Giza Plateau

Hi all today I am going to teach little Tommy how to build the solar system. You can listen in if you want.You might find it interesting. Are you ready Tommy ? Great ! Let's begin.

Okay Tommy before we begin I need to ask you a question. "What is the closest planet to The Sun ?"

"Mercury ?"  "Yes that is correct. Good job !"

"Now how far is it away from The Sun ?"

"Excuse me what was that you asked ? What measurement system do I mean ? Well now isn't that a loaded question. It could be miles, it could be kilometers, it could be meters, it could be feet and it could be inches. All of them would be correct but which one should I use for this exercise ? Well Tommy which one would you like to use ?

Feet you want to use feet ? Gosh that would give us a pretty large number. Wait what do you mean I don't understand I thought you said you wanted to use feet ? No that is not what you said. You want to use FOOT ? YOU WANT THE DISTANCE FROM THE SUN TO MERCURY TO EQUAL 1 FOOT ? Oh dear you say I have it wrong again. You did say FOOT but you suggest we use giant inches instead. Okay so let me get this straight you want the distance between The Sun and Mercury to equal 12 super giant inches or one giant foot, is that correct ? Okay why not.

Now folks the point of this is that distances really are only designed to be relative. Whether it is 10 miles or 10 million inches really doesn't matter as long as when we compare the distances between two things we use the same measurement system. For example let us say from Town A to Town B is a set distance, for now not important. From Town B to the Next town is double the distance from town A to town B.

Se we would have this simple example. From A to B is simply 1 unit. It could be any measurement we decided to use. Be it inches, feet , meters or any new measuring system you cared to devise. For a joke I am going to say that this 1 unit is equal to 62 Barones. It really doesn't matter what a Barone is as long as when I relate it to a second distance I use the unit measure of "The Barone" So since the next distance is twice the distance from A to B we have B to C equaling 124 Barones and total distance is equal to 186 Barones. Problem is however you are not familiar with the unit measure "The Barone" as you use something else. You use a measurement called "The Mile" and it turns out that from town A to town B is exactly 31 of your miles. So by simple reasoning we can see that if I have 62 units of my measurement and you have 31 units of your measurement then 1 of your units equal 2 of my units. So the ratio is 1 mile = 2 Barones. So you are correct by saying 31 miles and I am correct by saying 62 Barones and Little Tommy would be just as correct as saying the distance from A to B IS NOT 31 MILES OR 62 BARONES BUT IS IN FACT SIMPLY 1 GIANT'S FOOT OR 12 GIANT INCHES and the ratio or as called when using this on a map the scale would be 1 Giant's Foot = 31 miles and 1 Giant's Inches would simply be 31 miles divided by 12 or 2.5833333. So 1 Giant's Inch equals 2.58333333 miles.

So now let's use that simple reasoning to our solar system as suggested by Little Tommy. Let's use 12 giant inches to equal distance to Mercury and we would have a diagram something like this:

And below see the orbit of this. The radius of Tommy's Mercury is simply 12, 12 Giant's Inches or ... well let's call them Tommys for lack of a better name for now.

Okay now comes the only memorization that is required. I have not figured out exactly why it is this but it is. The distance to Earth using this Giant's Scale is 2 feet and 7 inches or 2 and 7/12ths or 2.583333. as I said I am not sure why it is but again as I said ... it simply is.

So basically now for Mercury we have 12 inches and for Earth we have 31 inches. and as I have shown above the ratio or the number of times Mercury's distance from the Sun divides into Earth's distance from The Sun is 2.583333 times or 2.58333 x 12 or 31 Giant's Inches.

But of course we do not use Giant's Inches so we have to convert and check to see if this system has worked. The actual value of Mercury from The Sun is 57,909,050 kilometers or 12 Giant's Inches or 1 MERCURY UNIT OR 1 GIANT'S FOOT ! The actual distance to Earth from The Sun is 149,598,261 kilometers or 31 Giant's Inches or 2.5833333 Mercury Units or 2.583333 Giant Feet.

So checking we simply multiply 57,909,050 x 2.58333 and if all is well we should get 149,598,261. Doing the multiplication we find that 57,909,050 x 2.58333 = 149,598,379 and dividing the answer we should have got by this answer will give us how close we are. So 149,598,261 / 149,598,379 = 0.9999992 or 8/10,000,000ths or 8 ten millionths. Virtually an exact match. So from now on when you think of Mercury and Earth just think of 12 and 31. 12 the number of zodiacs or disciples or inches in a foot and 31 ... well how about 12 + 1 and then reversed or 13 reversed or 31 :o)

Mercury and Earth ... 12 and 31. It is that simple.

It is as simple as 1 2 3 (1+2) or 3 4 (3+1)

We shall find Venus and Mars in our next exercise.



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