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From Whence Comes The Measurement ?

Hi all especially Nick L., Charlotte and a poor soul named Carol Behan from over at Graham Hancock's Message Board who had this to say about me and my work knowing full well I have been barred from there and thus prevented me from responding so I will do it here ... anyway this is what she posted ...

Carol Behan: If you play around with numbers for any length of time, you can get any correlation you want. That doesn't mean you've proved anything, though. This is exactly what Ahatmose was doing for years on end in his posts - wasting years of his life on trying to piece together futile correlations.

And I say this ....

How dare I. How dare I try to find an answer on the other side of the box which most of humanity has been locked in. How dare I try to find answers in all the most illogical places. Imagine looking for answers within one of The Creator's most eloquent creations ... The Solar System ! But you know what not once did I take credit for any of my discoveries. I never once said it was my own. No every single time I gave credit where credit was do and that belonged solely with those incredible entities (human or otherwise) who built The Giza Pyramids and already had it all encoded. I simply found a key to unlocking part of it. My numbers fit almost to perfection. Not 94 or 95 or 96 % but almost always to at least 99.98 % accuracy or better, yet still my work is ignored or I really should say their (The Ancient Builders) work is ignored. I honestly have to laugh when my detractors choose to try to tell me that the measures came from the thumb and the foot and the span and the digit and yet are so blind to expand their thoughts just a little and try to take into consideration that yes although these simple tools do work the Creators who "created" man to certain specifications, I believe in "His" image it is said, had first built The Heavens and our Solar System. I would like to ask a simple question here. If "The Creator" used "himself" as a guideline for Mankind does it not seem perfectly logical that "he" would have used the same blueprint to define the heavens and most certainly The Solar System and with that thought in mind let us move forward. But be forewarned this may be a waste of your time and your life and you obviously have so much more and better things to be doing.

Nick L. was a person who arrived out of nowhere over at Graham Hancock's Message Board and for some insane reason took to my postings with a passion. He took my short little pass of an idea and turned it into the greatest of touchdowns and what he discovered or really rediscovered or maybe even co-discovered with me (it gets murky here and is really not important) is astounding and if a big name author had come to these conclusions it would have been everywhere for people to see and talk about. But alas it fell to a Grade 12 dropout to figure it out and take an early pass from the greatest thinker at Giza ever to be seen or likely ever to be seen again, The Late Clive Ross, and with Nick L. help turned it into a truly noteworthy discovery. But it continues to be ignored and this is fine I guess but it is simple and amazingly accurate. It is there to be checked and it is simply ... The Truth.

I have done an awful lot of research at Giza and I dare say few (DUNE being a notable exception) know the measurements of The Giza Plateau as well as or better than I do. But what makes my research so different ? It is simply that I feel that all of the measurements of humanity were first manifested and derived within and from The Solar System and gives a clear and concise meaning to As Above ... So Below. Also I would be remiss if I didn't mention The late Alan Bennett and his website Solar Geometry: A Case for Divine Design of the Solar System which was also a wonderful encouragement for me. Did he waste his life as well Carol ?

Before we move on there are a few facts that need to be agreed upon and are in the scientific community and these are the semi-major axis of the planets. The semi-major axis is simply the average distance a planet is from The Sun and is arrived at by taking it's closest approach to The Sun added to it's furthest distance away from The Sun and simply then dividing the result by two. As an example let us use Mercury. It's closest approach to The Sun is 46,001,200 kilometers and it's furthest point away from The Sun in it's orbit around The Sun (all orbits being elliptical) is 69,816,900 kilometers with the average of the two being 57,909,050 kilometers. Let us put them in a chart format. For this posting I am only going to be dealing with the four inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. It is my contention that within the measurements of these four planets can be found the relationships between The Foot, The Meter, The Cubit and best of all The Megalithic Yard. So on to the planets. To see the source of my figures click on the links in light grey.

Planet Semi-Major Axis (in kilometers) Ratio with Mercury 1 Distance to next closest planet  
Mercury 57,909,050 1 50,298,950 (Mercury to Venus)  
Venus 108,208,000 1.8685853075 41,390,261 (Venus to Earth)  
Earth 149,598,261 2.5833312928 78,340,839 (Earth to Mars)  
Mars 227,939,100 3.9361567838    

Here are a series of images to show you the values.


Okay so these distances are as accurate as can reasonably get these days and the ratios I have taken to nine places simply because the numbers we are dealing with all have at least nine significant figures as well and it is important to maintain accuracy.Okay let's do some more ratio checks. Now remember a ratio is simply the number one distance will go into another. so for example Venus is 108,208,930 kilometers from The Sun and Mercury's distance is 57,909,050 kilometers so Mercury's distance from The Sun will divide into Venus' distance from The Sun a total of 1.8658.... times and so on. So let's try a few more. From the chart above here is 78,340,839 which is the distance from The Earth to Mars. Earth is 149,598,261 kilometers from The Sun. So the distance from Earth to Mars divides into Earth's distance from The Sun a total of 149,598,261 / 78,340,839 or a ratio of 1:1.90958206358. Remember that number as it will prove to be of major importance. Okay let's do one more before we move on to a more human based measuring system. The distance from Venus to Earth (from the chart above) is 41,390,261 kilometers and the distance from The Sun to Mercury is 57,909,050 kilometers. So the distance from Venus to Earth divides into the distance from the Sun to Mercury ( 57,909,050 / 41,390,261) a total of 1.39909844975 ... near enough I should think to call it an even 1.4

Okay now we have to figure out the ratios of the major measurement systems that are used today and have been used in the past. Let's list them. The Foot, The Cubit, The Meter and one that not too many agree is even a measurement, The Megalithic Yard. In order to compare them we need a smaller agreed upon distance that can be divided into each of them and for that we can use the lowly inch however it could be anything smaller as it all is simply a ratio. Below is a chart to show how many inches are in each unit of measurements. Observe. No tricks. No gimmicks, nothing that can be argued with. These are the cold hard facts concerning the measurement we use to day. I am going to highlight a couple of them because we will be returning to these ratios.

Unit of measurement Number of inches in each unit Ratio of Foot to The others Ratio of Cubits to the others  
The Foot 12 1 0.5819592629  
The Cubit 20.62 (agreed upon but some debate) 1.718333333 1  
The Meter 39.37007874 3.280839895 1.9093151668  
The Megalithic yard 32.64838856 2.720699046 1.5833360116  

So now let's combine what I have written above with what is in the chart and lo and behold we get this diagram.

And we can see that the ratio of a meter to a cubit (39.37 inches / 20.62 inches) = 149,598,261 km (distance from The Sun to Earth) / 78,340,839 (distance from Earth to Mars)

For those who would like to know how close these ratios are to each other here are the calculations:

39.37 / 20.62 = 1.9093151668

149,598,261 km / 74,340,839 = 1.9095820636

They check for an accuracy of 1.9093151668 / 1.9095820636 = 0.99986 or 99.986 % accurate.

But more exciting ratios await the discerning student. Let's take a look at how many times the distance from The Sun to Mercury divides into the distance from The Sun to Earth. As already calculated in the chart above it is 2.5833312928 but the keen observer would notice that the ratio of a Cubit to a Megalithic Yard was 1.5833360116 But wait if we subtract 1 unit (or actually simply the distance of Mercury from The Sun) out of the overall distance from The Sun to Earth we are left with 1.5833312928. This distance ratio represents how many times Mercury's distance will divide into the distance from Mercury to Earth AFTER ITSELF HAS BEEN DEDUCTED.. So now unbelievably we find The Megalithic Yard within the cosmos as well for if we assign the distance from Mercury to The Sun as 1 cubit then the distance from Mercury to Earth is equal to a value almost exactly equal to The Megalithic Yard. Again for those who would seek to see how accurate our Solar System is here are the calculations. 1.5833312928 / 1.5833360116 = 0.999997 which translates to a degree of accuracy of 99.9997 %

The megalithic yard I have chosen to use is 1/4 of the circumference of a circle with radius of the square root of 3. This calculates to:

= 1.7320508076 x 2 x Pi all divided by 4

= 10.88279618541 / 4

= 2.72069904635

More to come shortly

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